Northern OtR

Northeast Over-the-Rhine has seen tremendous
rebirth in the past year. As Cincinnati starts to bloom, ne. OtR's blooming in it's own light. Surrounding the Liberty & Main Street corner (aka Vernon's Corner) you'll find Cincinnati's historic Grammer's serving your choice of German brew and sausages. The northern crown of Main Street, Rothenberg School is slated to be renovated serving OtR and Downtown as a neighborho od school. Rothenberg curriculum and design committees are already planning for the renovation and future use of the school.

Urban pioneers, Vernon Rader & Mark Bernhardt, are finalizing their 5 building, 18 residential and 5 commercial unit renovation at Vernon's Corner, Liberty & Main Streets. The vacant lot at 1604 Main Street once planned to serve as a 5 car parking lot, will now be an urban terrace/patio for residents of Vernon's Corner.
"Instead of it being an awkward parking lot for five cars, we've decided to turn the area into a terrace/green space. Plans include grass, patio area, trees, flowers, gas grill, tables and landscaping." Bernhardt adds, "We thought a green space/outdoor space was missing in the project, and thought it would be nice to have a place to put your feet in the grass in the middle of fabulous OTR."

There's been a lot of interest in the storefronts along both
sides of Main Street. Bernhardt says they will only lease to a small business like a deli, bakery or coffee shop in the spirit of a greater sense of community. Mark and his partner Vernon Rader plan to open a studio space at 1606 Main Street.

The corner continues its makeover via the current streetscape project. Sidewalks are to be expanded, several added greenspaces, historic lighting and bike racks are to be included in the project. Details of the streetscape include utilizing the original granite curbs.

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