Another Streetcar Endorsement

One of Cincinnati's major institutions, the University of Cincinnati, has checked out a consultants report and concluded that the Cincinnati streetcar is worthy of an endorsement.

"UC actually reviewed a consultant's streetcar study and concluded the numbers make sense, a likely net benefit of more than 300-million dollars over 35 years, nearly triple the cost of building the system ... even with an operating subsidy."

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Ambition: Cincinnati's Historic Railway

Many Cincinnatians aren’t aware that the City of Cincinnati owns its own railroad line, the Cincinnati Southern Railway (CSR). In 1893, J. H. Hollander wrote, “One of the most striking instances of the latent vigor of American municipal government is the construction of the Cincinnati Southern Railway.”

Construction on the CSR began in 1869 with the ambition to preserve the city’s shaky mercantile industry. The rail had promises to open new markets in the south, but also opened a new world of manufacturing materials and natural resources to Cincinnati’s existing diversified industrial base.

The 336 miles of rail was initially estimated to cost $10 million, although the final cost was $18 million, supported by local bond funds, in lieu of a private initiative. Before the project was complete public debate was raging in how the railroad should operate. This controversy lead to the trustees who oversaw the operation to lease the line from 1878 to 1901, as the city retained ownership. This sparked more questions about private control of a public asset. The following decades brought the city to try multiple strategies in operation and utilization, as a result, the city has leased the line most of its life. At the time this unique outlook for a city administration was vibrant and intense. Ultimately, the city administration overcame mental and physical obstacles to finish the project successfully.

Cincinnati is the only municipality in the U.S. to bring in a steady source of income, as it leases CSR to Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacific (CNO&TP). The railroad runs from Cincinnati to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Annually, City officials and representatives from the Cincinnati’s Department of Transportation and Engineering ride the rail to inspect its condition. The City of Cincinnati currently generates revenues from $17 to $18 million a year from leasing the CSR.


CCV Put This In Your Pipe!

Citizens for Community Values should try to take this one on . I'll send a card when Charlie Winburn and Phil Burress go to the chapel.

"California and Massachusetts recognize same sex marriages and now Hallmark does too.

The greeting card company is rolling out a new line of same-sex wedding cards. They include images of two tuxedos, overlapping hearts or intertwined flowers.

Hallmark starting selling "coming out" cards last year in response to a consumer demand for them."


RIP Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones

Ohio's first black Congresswoman
Stephanie Tubbs Jones died this evening.
Much respect for this one of a kind leader. MORE HERE


Troublesome Martin's Bar to Close

Martin's Bar in Over the Rhine's Brewery District will close by August 31st. The news is good for those who live and are working to make the District a thriving part of Cincinnati’s most historic neighborhood. The bar, located at 111 E McMicken Avenue, has been the culprit of many fights, arrests, gun shots, only to name a few incidences. In a February 2008 letter to the Mayor, Council and CPD, David White President of the Pendleton Neighborhood Council stated that the establishment, "has been a nuisance to our community; numerous calls for service, drug dealing, litter and public intoxication are just a few of the problems." In April 2008, Council passed a resolution objecting the renewal of Martin's liquor license.

At a hearing today at Cincinnati City Hall more than eight Cincinnati Police Officers testified against Martin Bar's liquor license, as well as many citizens. The decision calls for the operation to end on or before August 31, 2008. The license may not be used in Over-the-Rhine or West End.