Introducing Judge Isaiah Gaines on YouTube

Retired Judge Isaiah Gaines (aka TheGodFatherofJustic) famous for his deep baritone voice, flashy television commercials, and going public with an interesting reason to retire, has a new YouTube channel. Below is a music video starring the Judge entitled, "The Bushwacking Working Poor Blues." A must subscribe!

"Since leaving the bench after nearly three years in February 1996, Mr. Gaines has: worked as an evangelist, a motivational speaker and an author; founded a church (Everybody's Tabernacle in Walnut Hills), which he co-pastors; lost a lot of weight, and regained some; divorced; suffered two heart attacks and a stroke; remarried - and became a father again." -ENQUIRER


Ohio Hub: National Rail Network

Today the Ohio Hub conceptual plan was presented to Cincinnati City Council's Economic Development Committee.

The Ohio Hub is a high-speed railway project maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation that is aimed at revitalizing passenger rail service in the Ohio region. Upon completion, the transit system will be composed of 860 miles of track serving 32 stations. It will connect four states along with southern Ontario, consisting of 11 major metropolitan areas and 22 million people. The system's goal is to "expand the capacity of the transportation system by improving the railroads for both freight and passenger trains." -WIKIPEDIA

Ohio Hub @ ODOT Ohio Hub Report PDF


From Streetcar John

From streetcar movement leader John Schneider:

"Japan is increasingly not interested in new cars," he says.

The population in Europe is aging too, and Lane sees similar ennui spreading there. As car ownership becomes more expensive and cities increasingly impose congestion pricing on car usage in center cities, he sees car owners switching to mass transit for their daily commute, and then renting cars for longer trips.

"The U.S. is headed that way," he says."

Cincinnati too?

Read the entire article


MLK Day: Celebration photos

This years program at Music Hall celebrating the life and accomplishments of Dr. ML King, Jr was the best in years. Powerful. Check out more photos HERE


Cincinnati skyline, welcome Kendle

Today Cincinnati City Council voted to approve a request from Kendle to add their logo identity high atop Carew Tower. What are your thoughts?


SurveyMonkey & Pepper?

Politics Extra reports Commissioner David Pepper has a web survey aiming to gage where Hamilton County residents stand on presidential candidates. By the way, what a great way to collect constituent's email addresses while campaigning; there's not much suspicion.

Take the survey HERE.


Undecided? Take this quiz

Minnesota Public Radio offers this quiz to assist you in identifying a presidential candidate to support. I was quite surprised that Dodd turned up on the top of my list because Edwards is my guy all the way. Check this one out too.


Q&A with YPs

Read what four young professionals think about Fountain Square's redesign and new look HERE


Cincinnati, do you recycle?

Downtown’s multi-site recycling program has been in operation close to three months. The program collects recyclables at four downtown sites, the locations can be found HERE.

It didn’t take the City of Cincinnati's program to start a greener life for many downtowners. Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District’s Michelle Balz continues to work closely with property managers, condo and building owners to create recycling programs in many downtown residential buildings. The current list of downtown buildings offering recycling service to residents:

The City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County work closely to coordinate recycling services, what the city doesn't provide, the county does. Although the county doesn't offer curbside recycling in an
y of its 49 political jurisdictions, the City of Cincinnati offers free weekly curbside pickup. There’s an alternative for county residents. The Residential Recycling Incentive Program offered by the county distributes more than a million dollars to communities based on recycling rates and tons recycled. The program allows communities like Cincinnati to offset the costs of a recycling program. Outreach efforts are always underway.

Getting Cincinnati, other citywide buildings working with the county to provide recycling services include the Regency in Hyde Park (296 units), Summit View in Price Hill (279), Edgecliff in East Walnut Hills (156), Meridian in East End/Columbia Tusculum (55), St. James in East Walnut Hills (52), RiverWalk in East End (30), Gilbert in Walnut Hills (30) and Ingleside (27) & Calvin Cliff (20) in East Walnut Hills.

More than 1200 residents continue to utilize recycling services in their own buildings. Due to the number of buildings and many sites in our urban suburbs, I think we’re off to a good start. Other city drop off sites include French Park (Section Road), Mt. Airy Park (Colerain Avenue), Eden Park (Eden Park Drive), Ault Park (Observatory Circle), Clifton (WHT Rd), Durham Recreation Center (Dunham, off Sunset), Hartwell Kroger (Vine Street), East End (Schmidt Field) and North Avondale (Clinton Springs). Most drop off sites are open 6am to 10pm.

For more information visit the city’s website HERE or the county’s HERE


Time Warner Cable Cut, Weird.

Were you effected by today's downtown internet/cable outage? Most of the day and evening downtown Time Warner customers lost the internet, cable & phone service. My service was restored around 11 p.m. A Time Warner representative explained the situation, "Vandalism - used cable cutting tool and cut the cable for phone, internet and television (cable) to the entire central business district".

The "cutting" took place near the exposed entry of the Cincinnati Subway, which runs along Central Parkway and is visible from I-75 South. Think about how many restaurants and other small businesses effected by such an outage. No credit card machines without high speed cable. More importantly, I see this as a huge mistake on Time Warner's part. Why would there be an exposed cable that feeds downtown's instant communications? Bad planning? Bad management? Interesting blunder.