Cincinnati: A City of Firsts

We should never shy away from our reputation as a city of many firsts. You’ll read that many of our firsts implemented national and global change.
  • First city in the U.S. to establish a Jewish hospital.
  • First city in the U.S. to publish greeting cards
  • First city to establish a professional municipal fire department and first firemen's pole; the first fire department to use steam fire engines
  • First city to establish a weather bureau.
  • First professional baseball team
  • First city in the U.S. to establish a municipal university - University of Cincinnati
  • First and only city to build and own a major railroad
  • First concrete skyscraper built in the U.S. - the Ingalls Building
  • First night baseball game played under lights
  • First and only city to have the largest designation
  • First AM radio transmission
  • First city to have a licensed Public television station
  • First contemporary arts center
  • First city in which a woman began and operated a sizeable manufacturing operation, Rookwood Pottery
In 1870, Cincinnatians had such strong spirit they convened a convention to determine if Cincinnati should become the United States capital. Cincinnati argued that its central location was more secure and had a better trade network, at the time Cincinnati had much more economic clout that DC, the region contributed 1/6 of the total collection of taxes in the United States.