Grammer's Rebirth in Over-the-Rhine

Grammer's joins an already dramatically changing northern OTR. N. OTR has experienced a great movement with Vernon's Corner near completion along with an incredible street scape starting in March. Other recent news includes a small group of citizens that saved historic Rothenberg School, which crowns Main Street's northern tip. Rumors include a new residential development behind Nicolas and another near Grammer's. Building by building, block by block, I cannot wait to see when all of these projects grow together as one.

From the B. Courier:

"Restaurant investors Martin and Marilyn Wade are preparing to reopen the former Grammer's Restaurant in Over-the-Rhine as an historic bar that could one day be the anchor of a revitalized district.

The 135-year-old restaurant, which has been closed since 1992, specialized in authentic German food. It is scheduled to reopen as a bar by early March, said co-manager Ryan Breen, and will remain true to its roots, though the menu will be limited to a few items - bratwursts and the like. And unlike the Wades' other endeavors, it will not be a vehicle for Chef Jean-Robert de Cavel, whose restaurants, including Pigall's and JeanRo's Bistro, are funded by the pair.

Rather, this venture by the Wades is broader - to revive the corner of Walnut and Liberty streets into a mixed-use development. Along with the restaurant, the couple in September purchased three contiguous properties for a combined $1 million.

"They are in it for the long haul," said former Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell, who had owned Grammer's since 1984 until its sale. "They have a very lofty vision about the future of the neighborhood."