Cincinnati, do you recycle?

Downtown’s multi-site recycling program has been in operation close to three months. The program collects recyclables at four downtown sites, the locations can be found HERE.

It didn’t take the City of Cincinnati's program to start a greener life for many downtowners. Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District’s Michelle Balz continues to work closely with property managers, condo and building owners to create recycling programs in many downtown residential buildings. The current list of downtown buildings offering recycling service to residents:

The City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County work closely to coordinate recycling services, what the city doesn't provide, the county does. Although the county doesn't offer curbside recycling in an
y of its 49 political jurisdictions, the City of Cincinnati offers free weekly curbside pickup. There’s an alternative for county residents. The Residential Recycling Incentive Program offered by the county distributes more than a million dollars to communities based on recycling rates and tons recycled. The program allows communities like Cincinnati to offset the costs of a recycling program. Outreach efforts are always underway.

Getting Cincinnati, other citywide buildings working with the county to provide recycling services include the Regency in Hyde Park (296 units), Summit View in Price Hill (279), Edgecliff in East Walnut Hills (156), Meridian in East End/Columbia Tusculum (55), St. James in East Walnut Hills (52), RiverWalk in East End (30), Gilbert in Walnut Hills (30) and Ingleside (27) & Calvin Cliff (20) in East Walnut Hills.

More than 1200 residents continue to utilize recycling services in their own buildings. Due to the number of buildings and many sites in our urban suburbs, I think we’re off to a good start. Other city drop off sites include French Park (Section Road), Mt. Airy Park (Colerain Avenue), Eden Park (Eden Park Drive), Ault Park (Observatory Circle), Clifton (WHT Rd), Durham Recreation Center (Dunham, off Sunset), Hartwell Kroger (Vine Street), East End (Schmidt Field) and North Avondale (Clinton Springs). Most drop off sites are open 6am to 10pm.

For more information visit the city’s website HERE or the county’s HERE