I cannot believe former Senator Mitchell is recommending all steroid using cheaters to get a 'fresh start' from Commissioner Selig - (with all due respect) what complete bullshit!

"We're all humans, we all make mistakes" -- Sen. Mitchell

Signing your name on check for human growth hormones/steroids -no mistake. A box of steroids sent to the Arizona Diamondbacks street address - no mistake. All players found to have used performance enhancing drugs should be fired, fined and removed from MLB's retirement program.

Here's the list, I'm sure it will continue to grow:

Miguel Tejada
F.P. Santangelo
Jason Christensen
Matt Herges
Mike Stanton
Glenallen Hill
Mark Carreon
David Justice
Jack Cust
Adam Piatt
Barry Bonds
Benito Santiago
Bobby Estalella
Armando Rios
Jason Giambi
Jeremy Giambi
Jose Guillen
David Bell
Matt Williams

What a let down! Shameful.

UPDATE: 4:47pm, Commissioner Selig, "I'm going to review his (Sen. Mitchell) findings and the factual support for those findings, punishments will then be determined on a case by case bases. I will take action when I believe it is appropriate. Particularly when it effects the integrity of the sport. So when action is needed, action will be taken"

Download the full report HERE