The Cincinnati Post, 1881-2007

Bob Hartman, an employee at The Post reflects on a day in 1963. Hartman explains he was the closest person next to the red 'stop' button when he suddenly heard the editor run into the printing room and yell, "stop the presses, President Kennedy has been assassinated!" More than 40 years later, Mr. Hartman has been given what he calls the luxury to press the stop button one last time. "Mr. Phillips has afforded me the luxury to do it... and I'll do a good job", Hartman said with tearful eyes.

The Post was first published by Frank and Walter Wellman on 1881-01-03. It was originally called the Penny Post. The Kentucky Post was created as an edition of the paper in 1885 to serve Cincinnati's suburbs across the Ohio River. The Wellman brothers enlisted James E. Scripps and half-brother Edward Wyllis Scripps, to take over the paper later that year.

In 1958, it absorbed The Cincinnati Times-Star, another afternoon paper. It first published on 1880-06-15, when the Spirit of the Times (founded in 1840) and the Cincinnati Daily StarThe Cincinnati Post and Times-Star until 1974-12-31; afterward it was simply The Cincinnati Post.

In 1977, the paper entered into a joint operating agreement with the other daily in Cincinnati, the morning Cincinnati Enquirer. Under the agreement, the Enquirer handles all business functions of both papers, including printing, distribution, and selling advertising. The JOA has not been successful for the paper. When it was entered into, the Post outsold the Enquirer, but by 2004 the positions were reversed: the Enquirer outsells the Post by five to one. In January 2004, the Enquirer informed the Post it would not be renewing the agreement upon its expiration on 2007-12-31. On July 17, 2007, parent company E.W. Scripps announced both The Cincinnati Post and The Kentucky Post would cease publication, their last editions to be published on Dec. 31, 2007. WIKIPEDIA