Old School, Cool School: Our man, Mr. Jerry Springer

Many of us remember Jerry Springer's commentaries (he later called 'Final Thought') while he was lead anchor on WLWT Channel 5, but rarely do we get to relive them. Check this one out.

I have a few audio recordings. I'll dig them up and post. The most meaningful commentary/story is about his Jewish father not wanting to give up his car late in life... Why? The Nazi's may come again. He felt he needed his car to escape them.

This is the man Cincinnati loves, and the US loves to hate. Springer was hand picked to replace Phil Donahue. During one of his first nationally broadcast shows (from Cincinnati), a KKK type panelist said he would have made sure Springer's family died in the holocaust if he had a hand in it. This is when the "Jerry Springer Show" went wrong... Jerry ran to the stage and punched the guy. The shows ratings went through the roof. Springer quickly learned... shit sells!